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Justin Huang and Huang Xinchun booms with popularity during their first Singapore visit

SINGAPORE – NEXT’s Justin Huang and Huang Xinchun have arrived in Singapore for the grand opening of the new Skechers store in Jewel Changi Airport.

Justin Huang, once a trainee of Yuehua Entertainment, was placed #43 in the Mnet survival reality programme Produce 101: Season 2 before joining Idol Producer, aired on IQiyi. After several appearances on television, he is now one-seventh of NEX7.

The duplex store spans over 5000 square feet and contains elements unique to the brand, including the first shoe customisation zone and a drinks lab on the second floor.

It will not be difficult to spot the various corners in the shop for you to take your perfect #OOTD shot, like the feature wall on Level 2 with steps and a backdrop with the NEXT members.

During the press conference held beforehand, Justin Huang and Huang Xinchun spoke in fluent Mandarin, as they told the media that this is the first time visiting Singapore.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. Many would assume that both of them are athletic given their young age and their lanky physique. That, however, is not true. Both of them sheepishly said they love swimming and playing basketball, but it hasn’t been until recently that they do sports on a regular basis.

The duo was shared good chemistry when they were asked to rate each other’s fashion sense out of 10, 10 being the best. Both of them said “10” instantaneously, and when asked why, “any outfit is perfect with Skechers”, the duo replied. It was really as if they had telepathic connections.

For the part that fans are waiting for, though there are no individual plans for projects, the duo assured that they will be releasing an album soon and hope that fans will look forward to their new release and support them.

Following their press conference, the duo greeted fans who had been waiting outside the store before proceeding inside, where they posed in front of a One Piece photowall and gave a short interview.

The boys then spent some time upstairs and, hearing the cheers outside, they presumably gave some fan-service to the fans. They returned to the main floor for the official opening ceremony where they opened a giant shoe box located at the storefront to conclude the event as confetti filled the store.

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