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K-pop Girl Group Twice Puts On A Colourful Show In Singapore

SINGAPORE – Korean girl group TWICE was back in Singapore for the third year running. But Saturday’s show was a little different.The nimble nonet was missing member Myoui Mina.

Mina pulled out of the tour because of sudden onset of extreme anxiety towards performing on stage, according to an official statement by JYP Entertainment which was released two days prior to the show.Reactions from netizens and the press were positive, praising JYP for allowing the Mina to take a breather.

Whenever Mina appeared on the big screen during the two and half hour concert, the spike in audiences’ screams was apparent.

TheTWICE members were clearly apologetic about not performing as a full nine-member team. But the professionals knew the show had to go on.

Bursting out onto the stage, theeight members kicked off the show with “Stuck in My Head” and “Cheer Up”.

“We are representing the theme of the show through colours,” says leader Jihyo. They donned black costumes, the first in a series of outfit changes, ranging from angelic white gowns to sexy red body-hugging dresses.

Photo Credit: Live Nation Singapore

TWICE put up a colourful performance, exciting fans with each distinct concept.

They moved on to ballads like “After Moon” and “You In My Heart” before presenting their unit stages. Members Tzuyu, Sana and Dahyun did a cover of Beyonce’s “Dance For You”, while Chaeyoung, Nayeon and Jeongyeon exuded sass in their remixed version of Gaga’s “Born This Way”. Momo and Jihyo also did a dance cover of Taemin’s “Goodbye”.

Photo Credit: Live Nation Singapore

The members then reunited on stage,making an extravagant entrance on a mega gem platform before performing“Likey” and “What is Love?”.

Photo Credit: Live Nation Singapore

Then suddenly the lights went dim and a fan-made video was shown on the jumbo screen. The tearjerker was a compilation of Twice’s activities in Singapore, peppered with declarations of support from fans.

Cue the waterworks. Members were spotted with teary eyes as many tried to stifle their cries.

Dahyun broke down, saying how sad she felt when sheknew that they could not perform as nine. But she made a promise that the group would come back as nine.

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