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K-pop Idol Kang Daniel: Wear Pink To My Singapore Fan Meet, Please

SINGAPORE – If you’re attending Kang Daniel’s fan meet at the Singapore Indoor Stadium tomorrow, do note that there’s a dress code. 

“Wear pink, please,” says Daniel. “I want fans to be passionate, but not overboard.”

“I would like to show fans the kind of energy I brought to Singapore.”

The 23-year-old K-pop idol met regional media earlier today at the Intercontinental Singapore Hotel. The emcee mentioned that this will be Daniel’s only press conference during his ‘Color On Me’ fan meeting tour. 

One can almost imagine the radiant Daniel emitting a pink hue. 

The celebrity’s career is back on track after it was derailed because of legal disputes with his former management. On the personal front, Daniel is dating Jihyo of popular girl group TWICE. Korean tabloid Dispatch exposed the idol couple earlier this month.   

Colours were discussed at the 30-minute session, from Daniel’s favourite colour to the colours expressed through his debut solo album, Colour On Me. 

FYI. His favourite colour is black because “when all the colours merge, it will become black”. 

Released last month, the album — sold over 450,000 pre-orders — broke the record for the highest number of first week sales for a solo artist in South Korea.  

“I’m really glad to be able to show other sides of myself to fans which they don’t know yet.  The album features types of songs which I didn’t get to try during my Wanna One days. Maybe, I’ll try a darker, heavier tone for my next album.”

The stellar sales came as a surprise to many as Daniel had been missing from the scene for close to six months because of legal troubles. 

“I didn’t expect to break records. All I could think of was how thankful I am for my fans. When I was making this solo album, all I wanted to do was express my sincerity for my fans (through my music). Since there was a great outcome, I’m happy and thankful,” said Daniel in Korean via a translator.

Daniel shot to fame after winning a K-pop survival reality show, Produce 101, in 2017. He toured around Asia as part of Wanna One, a temporary boyband formed from the top 11 contestants of the show. 

Wanna One held shows in Singapore twice in 2018 and 2017. Tomorrow’s fan meet is the first time Daniel will be performing on his own in Singapore. 

When asked how life is different as a solo artiste, Daniel said: “During my Wanna One days, I shared the stage with my members. These days, I have more pressure to fill the stage by myself. But I think I will be able to show more of myself to my fans.”

As a rising solo act, Daniel’s work schedule is set to get more packed. But he’s hoping to squeeze in some relaxation on his visit to Singapore. 

“I didn’t really have time to walk around Singapore the last time I came. This time, I’m hoping to find some time to see Singapore.”“As for food, can anyone give me any suggestions?”

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