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Kang Daniel pays it forward with fans, raising USD$80,000 that funded surgery

You can also do good with Kang Daniel and give back to society.

Saying that Kang Daniel is a sweetheart is analogous to stating the obvious. But his fans are just as caring and kind-hearted as the 23-year-old soloist.

Kang and his fans, affectionately known as DANITY, have been donating to charitable causes and relief organisations throughout the year.

It was not until recently where Kang got to personally meet a little girl who was able to receive cochlear surgery because of their financial support through the organisation “Snail of Love”.

They have raised a total of 99 million won (approximately $80,450 USD). The 2-year-old girl, Kim Ji-yeon (not her real name) was suspected of hearing loss and was recommended to go under the knife.

She was also the first to undergo artificial cochlear surgery.

“I hope Ji-yeon will be able to listen to sounds from now, and grow up healthy as a bright child,” he adds, during their meet-up.

But this is not the first time Kang has done such altruistic deeds. In June, he participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and donated 2 million won (approximately USD $1840) then during his stint with Wanna One.

In December 2018, he had also donated 12.1 million won (approximately $10,731) to the Miral Welfare Foundation on his 23rd (by Korean reckoning) birthday.

As usual, Kang never fails to amaze with his philanthropic actions.

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