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Kang Daniel Takes Mature Turn In Music Career With Touchin’: Watch

“Touching like we know each other.”

At his latest fan-meeting yesterday (25 Nov), Kang Daniel showcased his brand new single. Titled Touchin’ (2019), the track is well-received by his fans, Danity.

The song is a groovy, sensual and mellow bop, complementary to his hit single, What Are You Up To (2019), released in July.

It’s clear that Kang’s music is turning towards a mature direction; one that is not showy nor over-extravagant, but tasteful and detail-oriented. 

The music video for Touchin’ is an example of the details and meticulousness of this new direction. It features the young artist at home, putting in a vintage VCR to watch. 

Those who are familiar with Michael Jackson would be able to detect some nods to the pop legend. 

The setting for one of the choreography is inspired by the Smooth Criminal music video, and some minute parts of the choreography are clearly tributes to Jackson’s iconic moves. 

However, the video is not merely a tribute. Kang brings a fresh take as the video features East Asian motifs like mahjong tiles which are woven into a classic film noir plot. 

Suffice to say, this video is a combination of different cultures and references, which does not leave the viewer bored.

The lyrics also fit themes of maturity and mysteriousness. 

It talks about getting intimate with a stranger. The first line of the chorus sings, “Touching like we know each other.” The desire for the unknown certainly adds to the provocativeness and sexiness of the song.

Now that Kang has picked his path, we’re excited to see where his new music will take us next.

Watch “Touchin'” below:

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1 Comment

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