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KARD comes back fierce in party anthem “Bomb Bomb”: Watch

Reggaeton quartet KARD comes back fierce this time with their digital single, “Bomb Bomb”, dropped yesterday (29 March). Contrary to their previous releases which revolves around light groovy tracks, their new release is the best fit for a dance party. What sets KARD apart from other groups is their unique style of music, and this time is no difference as there was many genres were weaved into this track.

The song begins with an ominous tease, before revealing an infusion of modern music into a what sounded like a Bollywood-inspired melody, which slowly builds up to a fast-paced dancebeat.

Powerpact visuals were served up at breakneck speed, with rapid scene changes from close-ups to group choreographies.

The song shows the “wild” side of the quartet, as they live their life out there with everyday burning hot.

It seemed to be a thing that member B.M. appears topless in their music videos, which was seen in the group’s previous releases like Ride on the Wind, and proven to be true this time as well.

If you haven’t caught the music video, check it out below:

Words: Avier Tan

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