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Kim Jae Hwan showed fans the realest side of him in Singapore fan meet

SINGAPORE – The 23 year-old South Korean vocalist Kim Jae Hwan popped by our shores for a quick visit as he staged his first solo fan meet at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre last Saturday (6 Jul).

Many might know him as the vocalist of the Korean boyband WANNA ONE, though disbanded. But Kim came back into the industry in May 2019, debuting as a solo singer. Throughout the approximately 2-hour set, Kim showed us the hilarious, sexy, charming and talented facade of the solo singer Kim Jae Hwan.

He came up on stage donning on a white blazer embellished with several badges, pairing it with a pair of denim jeans. A fashionista indeed.

Kim made a wise move to kickstart the set with “Designer” in an attempt to hype his fans up before introducing himself in not just English, but also Chinese and Malay. We were then brought to the “JJAENI’S MINDMAP” segment, were fans could get to know him better. 

When posed the question of whether he still contacts with his WANNA ONE members, “we have a group chat and we still keep in touch, the members are also all doing well individually,” says Kim.

Like most of his peers his age, Kim says that his go-to activity is no doubt gaming, along with his managers and staff, be it at night in a hotel room, or on an airplane. Coming to the category on travel, Kim also said he’s that person who makes big travel plans but never actually makes it a reality.

This time around, fans will be helping him do the job, recommending places to sightsee in Singapore like Sentosa and Merlion Park. Going on to our local food, Kim was challenged to do an advertisement for the food familiar to many, our childhood gem biscuits. He did it.

After a long chit-chat session, he brought fans a live rendition of “Love You Still” and “My Star” as he drowned fans in his deep pool of vocals.

Unknowingly, Kim brought up his personal budget know-how, revealing that eating from the minibar in the hotel is usually a no go for him. “It is expensive, isn’t it? And you can get the same food for a cheaper price outside”, added Kim, giving fans a good laugh at his down-to-earth personality.

Fans also went a step further showing their support for him, as they pieced up a video to express their gratitude and love for Kim, which was played for Kim right before the group photo. We were treated with flashbacks as snippets of Produce 101 Season 2 were played, back then when Kim was still a trainee.

“I’m touched”, he said. More importantly, “thank you, I will always be shining beside you (fans) forever, so please shine by my side as well,” urged Kim before bidding his fans goodbye and ending the set with the debut track, “Begin Again”.

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