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Kim Jaejoong hints at possible future fan-meet during JParty and Mini Concert in Hong Kong

HONG KONG – Today (9 March) marked the last stop of Kim Jaejoong’s JParty, with the first in Seoul on 20 January followed by in Japan on 28 January.

His birthday was 26 January though.

That, however, did not matter. Hong Kong and mainland Chinese fans flocked to the show and even prepared a special video montage VCR for him. Kim Jaejoong was also emotionally overwhelmed while viewing the short clip with the audiences.

During the QnA session, it was also made known that Jaejoong would not appreciate people touching his things. But he could make an exception, if it was sharing toothbrushes with his lover. Did you know? Jaejoong also keeps his loose money in plastic storage bags. Unusual, huh?

One fan also asked if there will be any chance that Jaejoong will return to Hong Kong again to stage his concert, or even Macau. He said that the thought did surface to him, but his only concern was whether everyone had time to come, but since such a request was made known to him, he hinted that he will be heading back to Korea for pre-preparation, and will even work harder on his Chinese album.

After the party was a mini concert. Jaejoong dressed in a rock-style inspired full black attire giving a live rendition of “9+1#”, “Rotten Love”, “Kiss B”, “Welcome to my wild word” as well as other ear-catching classics.

The last song he sang to end the set was “I’ll protect you”, which gave a good closure to his birthday party celebration with the fans and his mini-concert performance.

The song will drop on 10 April, and do support Jaejoong when it is out!

Words: Avier Tan / Jayla Lau
Photos: Jayla Lau

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