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What The Hype: 6 AOMG artists to keep a lookout for

From Yugyeom to Lee Hi, these are the six AOMG artists you should know.

Several Above Ordinary Music Group (AOMG) artists like Simon Dominic, Loco, Gray, Lee Hi, Yugyeom and Woo will embark on the Follow The Movement AOMG World tour.

The Asia leg of their tour will kick off this Sunday in Singapore, before moving on to cities like Bangkok and Tokyo.

Ahead of their show, here are six AOMG artists to keep a lookout for.

1. Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic, born Jung Ki-seok started out in hip-hop duo Supreme Team. He later joined AOMG as an artist and the co-CEO alongside Jay Park from 2014 to 2018. He later stepped down to focus on his music and artistry.

With his rising popularity as an iconic hip-hop figure, he also remains a huge favourite in the broadcasting industry. His onscreen personality led to his appearance in variety shows like Show Me The Money Season 5 (2016) and I Live Alone (2021).

TMI: Simon Dominic shared that it is a portmanteau. The first part “Simon” is named after Simon Phoenix, the villian from his favourite film Demolition Man (1993). The latter comes from his baptismal name Domenico.

2. Loco

Kwon Hyuk-woo, more commonly known as Loco, entered the music industry after he was crowned champion in the first season of survival reality Show Me The Money (2012).

He later signed under AOMG in 2014 and has since produced multiple hits like “Say Yes” (2016), “All I Wanna Know (K)” (2016) and “Don’t” (2018). 

Loco is also one to embrace love calls from variety shows as he made his return to various seasons of survival reality Show Me The Money Series for Seasons. 

More recently, he co-hosted dating reality show Love Catcher In Seoul (2021) alongside Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, actor Son Ho Jun, G-(I)DLE’s Miyeon and comedian Jang Do Yeon.

3. Gray

GRAY, born Lee Seong-hwa, joined the AOMG family as their first producer in 2013. His widely-recognised producing skills is evident, with the great success of Hold Me Tight (2014), a track he produced for labelmate Loco.

But the 36 year-old musician decided to set aside time for his own musical pursuits. He worked on his first album grayground. which dropped in 2021.

TMI: GRAY was Loco’s senior in an university club, and GRAY later introduced him to Jay Park, before he signed with the label.

4. Lee Hi

Lee Hi made her debut in the music industry in 2011 as the runner-up for the first season of the survival audition program K-pop Star. She subsequently released several top hits 1,2,3,4 (2012), Rose (2013), Breathe(2016), No One (feat. B.I) (2019).

Despite only singing with AOMG in 2020, she remains a vocal prowess to be reckoned with. Her single “Holo” (2020) charted millions of streams on Spotify and Youtube, solidifying her position as a powerhouse vocalist in the Korean music industry.

5. Yugyeom

This is no new information, but Yugyeom debuted in 2014 as a member of K-pop idol group GOT7. 

He later signed with AOMG in 2021 as he shares the same music direction with the hip-hop R&B label, he revealed in an interview with ELLE Korea.

He added that he aims to be an “all-rounder” who is skilled in both music and performance.Yugyeom kicked off his career as a solo artist with the release of his first EP Point Of View: U (2021), one where he personally wrote and produced all tracks. His latest R&B single Ponytail (feat. Sik-K) (2023) just dropped a few days ago.

6. Woo

Woo Won Jae, simply known as Woo, joined AOMG in 2017 after coming in third in the sixth season of Show Me The Money (2017). His breakout debut single We Are (2017) was a huge success, and it topped mainstream music charts in Korea.

Having been vocal about his struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, Woo’s artistry in music explores aspects which are commonly thought to be taboo topics in a deeply conservative South Korea.

Despite his shy and introverted personality, Woo unexpectedly took on the role of a judge in survival audition programmes Sign Here (2019) and Girls Planet 999 (2021).

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