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Korean Horror Film “The Closet” To Screen In Local Cinemas From 27 Feb

Get ready for a good scream.

Korean horror film “The Closet” is set to screen in local theatres soon.

This production, with two veteran actors Ha Jung-woo and Kim Nam-gil in the cast list, is one revolving around a poltergeist. A ghost or spirit responsible for physical disturbances.

By the name of the film, one could guess that a nasty story will unfold from the closet.

Ha Jung-woo plays the role of Sang-Won, the father who grows apart from his daughter following the death of his wife.

After hearing peculiar noises from his daughter Yi-na’s closet, he noticed unusual signs from Yi-Na.

She then disappeared.

Here comes Kim Nam-gil who plays Kyung-hoon. Both of them join forces to find Yi Na and solve the mystery of the missing children.

• “The Closet” will screen in local cinemas from 27 February.

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