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Korean quartet MAMAMOO dazzles in Nyonya kebayas during their first ever fan-meet in Singapore

SINGAPORE – The Korean quartet MAMAMOO finally made their way on the last leg of their Asia fan meet tour to greet fellow Singapore Moomoos for a one-night only show on Saturday (27 April).

Fans came in all sorts of quirky eye catching attires while carrying their light stick, modelled after a radish (which stands for “moo” in Korean) with them, an interesting sight to see coming to the fanmeet.

Kicking it off with a bang, they girls started out with one of their hot title track, Egoistic, right off the bat. This was followed by yet another crowd pleaser, Wind Flower.

As the crowd was still high after witnessing the exhilarating start, the girls came on stage to greet their Moomoos with their signature acapella introduction.

“I’m surprised to see so many fans coming to their show and I’m sad and regretful that MAMAMOO didn’t come to Singapore for a show sooner” exclaimed leader Solar. While Moonbyul continued on to say that the group has come prepared and ready to show their hard work through their show to the Moomoos in Singapore.

Throughout the course of the fan meet, the girls learnt different types of Singlish slangs such as “lah” and “really meh?” Lucky fans also got to bring home a personal group photo with the members themselves!

The crowd became mellow as the group took it down a notch with slow songs such as I Love Too and Star Wind Flower Sun.

The girls really couldn’t stop thanking Singapore Moomoos on their endless love and support and patience for the group with the members treasuring each and every great memory they’ve made for the night, promising the fans that they will be back as better artistes and with new and improved songs!

After a surprising fan video that was played along with an interesting cake that was made to resemble a chicken feet dish, to celebrate Wheein’s birthday.

Fret not, the night didn’t end there as the girls came back on stage with traditional Nyonya kebayas on for their final 2 songs during encore.

Performing the crowd favourites, Waggy and Um Oh Ah Yeah.

We hoped that MAMAMOO enjoyed their short stay in Singapore and had fun with Singapore Moomoos!

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: Avier Tan

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