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Lai Kuan-lin guests at FILMART endorsing Mango TV International App

HONG KONG – Lai Kuan-lin, former Wanna One member, recently debuted as the member of a special unit, with fellow labelmate Jung Wooseok. Despite busy promotional schedules in South Korea, Kuan-lin took time off to meet fans in Hong Kong.

Lai Kuan-lin showed up today (21 March) in the Mango TV International App promotional event at FILMART, which is known to be the largest exhibition of film and TV markets in Asia. The opportunity was given to the 18 year-old rapper to become the endorser of Mango TV International App.

During the event, Kuan-lin answered a few questions asked by Mango TV International App users. He revealed he was also a loyal user of the App because of his love for ‘Happy Camp’, a Chinese variety show produced by Hunan Broadcasting System. Rumors had it that Guanlin guested on the show just January this year as he was spotted at the recording in Changsha, China.

Moreover, a lucky fan was picked to get the golden chance to record a video message of Kuanlin saying ‘Work hard, earn money hard, try your best to lose weight’ for her. He even picked lucky fans on site randomly from the crowd and interacted with them by doing some cute and cool gestures together.

Kuan-lin was given the staff card as the ‘No.1 star staff of Mango TV’, which was consistent with his role as the endorser of Mango TV International App. We are glad to see more from him and he definitely has the potential to continue shining in both the Korean and Chinese entertainment industries!

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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