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Lai Kuan-Lin’s first fan meet in Singapore concluded with off-the-wall humour and alluring performances

SINGAPORE – Lai Kuan-lin, better known by his stage moniker, Kuan-lin visited Singapore fans at ZEPP@BigBox during his “2019 Lai KuanLin Fan Meeting [Good Feeling] in Singapore” on Tuesday (30 April).

The set that lasted for approximately 2 hours was no short of alluring performances and well thought out segments.

The whole fan-meet slanted more  towards a snug and cozy interaction session, instead of a mega-scale set concept, which did not only make the fan-meet personal for fans per se, but was also momentous keepsake.‬

‪Just as the set started, Kuan-lin injected a hype-booster into the show with a live rendition of “Hypey”, a collaboration with another fellow K-pop artiste Jackson Wang.‬

‪He then led fans into the talk show segment, where several pictures of himself during his childhood days were flashed on the screen. Taking fans through a walk down memory lane, he shared the stories behind each and every one of the photos. ‬

‪One photo shown was Kuan-lin in dreadlocks, sparking enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. What’s more was that he fell asleep while getting the hairdo done. “We are allocated a time to  change our makeup, outfits and hairdo. I slept because I was too tired”, said Kuan-lin with a sheepish laugh.

His tight schedule is not a joking matter, even emcee Ken Low was not able to bring Kuan-lin to experience more of Singapore, but he fortunately managed to devour some local delicacies earlier that day, like chicken rice and chilli crab, just to name a few. Though this was his fourth time visiting, Kuan-lin still prepared something special for fans.

From segments like Truth or Lai (pun intended), to the School of Lai, where Kuan-lin attended Economics, English and Physical Education lessons, fans had fun watching him attempt the different games and challenges.

Don’t underestimate this 18 year-old, his off-the-wall humour is pretty solid, especially at times when he got electric shocked consecutively multiple times by the quirky invention he seemed to detest, the lie detector. He was posed with multiple “either or” questions and he had to choose either one of the two options, and place his hand on the machine to test if he was lying. Apparently, he was, but fans definitely thought otherwise.

“It’s useless, we don’t need it”, says Kuan-lin as he pointed to the lie detector contraption, setting fans into laughter.

Nearing the end of the show, a VCR was played when Kuan-lin was getting ready for his performance. He was seen cooking a dish, while narrating the process in complete, fluent Korean. Fans that stuck by him from the Produce 101 Season 2 era would know that his Korean language ability was not the best then, considering he is a foreigner. Now, we really sounded like a total Korean, even pronouncing three as “sam” (which translates to three in Korean) when announcing the lucky draw winner.

We’re sure that his incessant hard work and effort he puts in into his craft will soar him to greater heights, because he told fans that the fact that he is able to stand on stage is a privilege. And that’s why it is only right that he puts his heart and soul into it too.

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: Avier Tan / Mirza Abdul Halim

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