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Launching the Braun Buffel S/S 2019 collection with a bang alongside Bigbang’s Seungri

SINGAPORE – As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves ushering in the new Spring/Summer collections. Today, we introduce the Braun Büffel S/S 2019 Collection named “Retro Vision Future”, fresh off the oven. The media and celebrity friends were honoured to be given the first glimpse into this collection which showcases designs that are apt for daily use, and more fitting for the mass market.

The brand which started out as a family trade in Germany transformed into one of the top fashion brands. The 131 year old legacy does not hesitate to push boundaries and explore new fashion options.

Their new collection, Retro Future Vision also encompasses a space theme, which we reckon might come from the idea of “Retrofuturism” which is a concept that explores the themes of tension between past and future, and between the alienating and empowering effects of technology.

This season showcases the brand exploring new constructions and materials beyond leather like snakeskin, neoprene and nylon alongside studded details and embellishments to go along with it.

What’s better? Bigbang’s youngest member Seungri is in town to join us for the festive celebration as well. During the QnA session, he also revealed that he will be holding his first Solo Tour, “The Great Seungri” in Singapore next Feb-March. That’s definitely one thing you need to look out for in 2019.

With his birthday just 1 week ahead, fans also threw him an early celebration by singing him a birthday song. Seungri returned the favour by caroling “Last Christmas” to wish fans a merry Christmas as well, adding on to the festive vibes.

How can Seungri miss out spilling out some Chinese words? He greeted his fans in fluent Mandarin when he came and before his left.

Come down to the Braun Büffel boutique located at 10 Bayfront Ave, #B2-111 at Marina Bay Sands now if you would like to check out the brand’s newest 2019 S/S collection, Retro Future Vision.

Shoutout to Braun Buffel and The ATE Group for the media invite.

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: Avier Tan

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