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Lay Zhang unveils his own wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

HONG KONG – Zhang Yixing, the Chinese singer-songwriter and actor, who is more well-known by his stage name Lay or Lay Zhang, unveiled his 3rd figure during the press event held at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong today (28 February).

With that, he became the first 90s artist who has three wax figures. Impressively, Lay Zhang called his figure as his ‘brother’, because they bore uncanny resemblance from head to toe.

Lay Zhang mentioned that the figure was intricately designed by professional designers in the field, by checking all the ratios of body parts to the finest measurement to ensure that the wax figure will turn out like the singer himself. The most unforgettable part, was, figure designers even checked for any difference between the skin colors of him and the wax figure under specific lightings.

When asked on which part of the wax figure looked like himself the most, Lay Zhang was unable to give an answer but instead, he praised that the figure nearly looked exactly the same as him.

As a world-certified singer-songwriter, Lay Zhang always boasts an immense passion to music and the mastery of his craft. Not to mention, his love for fans is also apparent. He spoiled that he was already preparing his new concert and would meet his beloved fans as soon as possible. Well, Hong Kong will be also one station of the long-awaited tour, as he really loves Hong Kong and wants to meet local fans.

Other than music, Lay Zhang also mentioned that he has future plans to take part in acting, especially for a role of killer. However, at this moment, he would like to concentrate more on his role of being a musician, and perform better in this aspect.

For his favorite Hong Kong local food, Lay Zhang’s choice would be food in Hong Kong local tea houses “Cha Chaan Teng”, which you can literally when walking down the streets of Hong Kong. When mentioning Hong Kong food, Lay Zhang was so excited that he gave us several examples, like cart noodles with egg and ham, sandwiches and milk tea.

Is that why Lay loves Hong Kong so much?

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