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Lee Joon-gi visits Taiwan for Longchamp brand event

TAIPEI – Actor Lee Joon-gi arrived in Taipei last Wednesday (15 May) in Taiwan for the French brand LONGCHAMP LGP collection launch event.

The new collection is that perfect fit for today’s urban lifestyles with a collection that spans bags, accessories and ready-to-wear, with many of unisex options too.

Right at the airport, fans welcomed the actor with enthusiasm, and he even stopped by to snap some quick photos with fervent fans at the arrival gates.

In the evening, more than 200 fans were gathered at the LONGCHAMP flagship store in Taipei 101. As soon as they caught sight of the actor, there were screams for him, once again attesting to his high popularity even in Taiwan.

“This is actually my first time visiting Taipei 101”, revealed the 37 year-old actor, while he posed for the media to snap some shots of him. He donned on the READY-TO-WEAR LGP sweatshirt which retails for USD$260.

Lee Joon-gi also added on that one of the reasons he adores the LGP collection is also because the collection encapsulates the essence of youngster’s fashion and brings about some artistic value in it as well.

Words: Avier Tan / Chuang Weilun
Photos: Chuang Weilun

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