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Lee Joongi does not disappoint with power-pact performances in his Hong Kong leg of “Delight” Tour

HONG KONG – The long-awaited Asia tour of the actor and singer Lee Joongi, ‘Delight’ has finally made its way to Hong Kong and was held today (10 March) at Asia-World Expo. Although Joongi was more well-known as an actor, he also expressed his enthusiasm to singing and dancing during the whole concert.

Lee Joongi spreads happiness and energy to fans by answering questions. He said that it was going to be exhausting today because of the wide stage before putting his physical strength to the test by running from one side of the stage to the other. Joongi also asked fans to cheer him up throughout the show, but safety was still the most important. How could fans not love him?

Joongi continued the talk time by finding international fans, that he went to ask for their nationalities and also thanked them for coming down to support. He even imitated how different fans call him, like Korean fans tended to call him ‘Joongi ya’ or ‘Joongi oppa’ (which is more affectionate in the Korean culture), and Mandarin fans would call his full name in Chinese.

The concert was filled with excellent performances and stages, including ‘As Long As You Love Me’, ‘My Lady’, ‘Thank you’ etc. It is a must to mention Joongi’s professional performance on stage, when he chose to sing ‘Falling Slowly’ again after he forgot the lyrics at the first time. He was not shy to take the second chance, instead, he said that it was not embarrassing to do so, as he would sing better then.

Of course, Joongi never forgot the interaction time with fans. After he introduced his crew, he sang the baby shark song and threw away shark dolls to lucky fans. Fans were all pleased by Joongi’s cuteness when singing the song, and replied him loudly during the part ‘doo doo doo doo doo doo’, no matter Joongi mentioned that today’s concept would actually be ‘cool’.

As Hong Kong was the last station for his Asia tour, he specially prepared many Mandarin songs for Hong Kong fans, like ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’, ‘Contentment’, ‘Love Confession’, ‘A Better Tomorrow’, ‘Messy Hair’. His pronunciation was no joke that he could pronounce most of the lyrics correctly, which amazed many of his fans.

Joongi wrapped up the set and even became the DJ on the stage and held a crazy EDM party. He covered many famous songs like ‘Ringa Linga’, ‘Fantastic Baby’, ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Uptown Funk’, surprising the fans and made them dance with the strong beats.

We hope that Joongi will receive more love and support in the future, and have a great success for the encore concert held in Seoul, South Korea.

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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