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Lee Seung Gi: “Kissing Scenes Are Harder Than Stunts”

Contrary to popular belief.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — For a brief action scene in Netflix thriller Vagabond, Lee Seung Gi once said that it took him countless practices and long hours.

Wielding snipers and jumping off buildings may be physically taxing. But surprisingly, Seung Gi says that a kissing scene is much harder to pull off.

“Kissing scenes are harder (in comparison to the action scenes), I need to make sure it is done properly to make hearts flutter”, the 32-year old actor said at his Kuala Lumpur fan meet held last month.

The leading lady he smooches is Bae Suzy. The exhilarating plot follows the pair as they uncover the truth behind a mysterious plane crash.

Vagabond is Lee’s first drama series after his 2-year stint in the army. The production scored record-high ratings during its broadcast. Nationwide viewership ratings for the broadcast of the last episode on Nov 23 achieved 13.0%.

The title of his fan-meet was also inspired by the drama series. 

Named “Vagabond Voyage”, his fan-meet had been to countries like Taiwan, Manila, Singapore and made its final stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He likens himself to a wanderer. “I’ll travel to you,” he addressed the 1,800 strong crowd at the Star Convention Centre, Menara PGRM.

This might have come as a shock to the actor himself too. But it’s true, the popular Korean actor has fans all the way to Morocco. “I was amazed at the fact that I have fans in Morocco”, They sent food to the filming sites of “Vagabond” after hearing the news that he was there.

He is not only popular with fans, but also popular with his colleagues. 

At the show, his variety show co-stars recorded congratulatory messages. Oh Se-hun from Busted 2, alongside Yang Se-hyung from Master in the House wished him success for his fan-meet.

Something fans can keep an eye out on will be the on-going Netflix original variety series titled “Together”. Lee is joined by Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu, and will be heading to different countries to meet fans.

“I will be back for another fan-meet if I have more productions,” Lee says. 

Going by the number of productions Lee has under his belt, we are quite sure he will have something new soon. And that means we will be seeing him soon.

Concert images courtesy of IMC Live Global.

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