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What The Hype: The reason behind Mamamoo’s longevity in K-pop

Mamamoo is entering their eighth year in K-pop, successfully avoiding the seven year curse.

Mamamoo in a promotional image.
Photo: CK Star Entertainment

Entering their eighth year in the industry, Mamamoo continues to showcase a plethora of talents both individually and as a group. 

Like any other K-pop acts, they boast a striking greeting. “I say Mama, Mama, Moo~”, is how they would usually introduce themselves, with a cohesive harmonious acappella coupled with finger snaps.

The quartet, composed of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa, has long solidified their reputation as a highly-skilled vocal group. 

Despite their own strong personalities as they pursue solo adventures, it can be hard to envision how the four girls would blend well together given their unique music styles.

Hwasa usually opts for bold tracks like Twit (2019) and Maria (2020).

In contrast, leader Solar’s recent solo track was more of a provocative sweet treat, literally, with Honey (2022).

Yet, they still succeed in finding a way to complement one another when they get together. While pushing out distinctive tracks that are undeniably Mamamoo.

That’s one of the many reasons behind their longevity in the K-pop industry.

Case in point: most K-pop acts don’t make it past the seventh year, hence birthing the term seven year curse, which iconic groups like 2NE1, Sistar, 4minute and Miss A have fallen prey to.

Another explanation behind the group’s longevity probably lies in their exceptional group dynamic, which local fans have witnessed during their 2019 fan meeting here in Singapore. 

Then, captivated their fans with their energetic performances, brimming with charisma and stage presence. 

Donning the iconic sarong kebaya, a local Nyonya sheer blouse, they were also generous in fan interactions, connecting with them through various interactive segments and games. 

So there’s no surprise that their upcoming concert here on 9 Feb is a sell-out gig. Due to the high demand, a second show on 8 Feb was added to the list. 

Tickets to the newly-added show are not available for purchase anymore on Ticketmaster’s website.

LIVE: Mamamoo World Tour [My Con] – Singapore
Date: 8 & 9 Feb 2023 (Wed & Thu)
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: The Star Theatre

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