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Movie review: Korean Film Love, Again Discusses Marriage, Divorce And The In-Betweens

Love is complicated, indeed.

Love, Again (2019)
PG / 112 minutes
Opens 21 Nov / 3.5 ★

Wedding ceremonies are the norm. What about a divorce ceremony?

Korean film Love, Again first starts off with a peculiar divorce ceremony. Both Park Seon Yeong (played by Lee Jung Hyun) and Jo Hyeon Woo (played by Kwon Sang Woo) exchange their divorce vows, promising to part their ways.

But, is that so?

Well, The divorce was clear. The marriage is over. Now comes the in-between. It seems like the couple is not able to get used to their present life, with memories of the past lingering around. 

That explains why this movie is not exactly your standard rom-com film that revolves around a love triangle. The romantic side talks about how Ahn Sang Cheol (played by Lee Jong Hyuk) woos Park. The comedic side features sudden humour injects throughout the film.

Ahn is now acquainted with Park, after having saved her life. As strange as it may seem, Ahn was also made the antagonist who never failed to complain about lingerie Jo’s company sells. The two men also realised that they were previously school mates after having met each other.

While the acquaintance of the characters might seem too tailored in my opinion, and unrealistic to some extent, it still serves the purpose of bringing the plot forward.

Following other coincidental encounters, Ahn finally realises that he is trapped in the love triangle. 

The movie offers an expected ending, then an unexpected and refreshing surprise. In that order.

If you’re the one that adores some on-screen romance, mixed with a tinge of humour, this movie might just be the one for you.

Love, Again opens in Singapore cinemas starting this Thursday (21 Nov).

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