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Movie Review: Start Up Talks Friendship and Kinship On A Lighter Note

Two adolescents who loathes studying head to the outside world to work.

Start Up (2020)
PG13 / 102 minutes
Opens 9 Jan / 3.5 ★

Based off a webtoon of the same title, “Start Up” is one movie this new year that might possible jolt some of your juvenile memories. Unfortunately maybe some teen angst too, if that applies.

The movie opens with Taek-il, played by Park Jung-Min, along with his best bud Sang-pil, played by Jung Hae-In. Both of whom are rebellious adolescents.

Their respective families are subsequently introduced. Sang-pil has a relative who later took him in him a debt collecting company, with a sugar-coated name “Global Financial”.

Taek-il has an a tiger mum, played by Uhm Jung-hwa. Like any other Asian parent, she persuades her son to continue his studies, but to no avail. The eighteen year-old feels working is better. 

So he did. Working at a Chinese restaurant in the outskirts, he met the restaurant chef, played by Ma Dong-seok.

When I’ve told many that this show stars Ma, they asked if he was a gangster, if not a cop. Taking a refreshing change in role, he’s not exactly one in this case. 

In “Start Up”, he takes a refreshing change in character to be a soft-hearted chef. Who has dynamic synergy with Taek-il. 

But it seems like he can’t seem to forgo his usual gangster role. Things will come clean for viewers when we are halfway through the show.

After a series of events, Taek-il went back to find his mom’s shop being demolished.

The one behind it? It’s partly because of his best bud Sang-pil. Here’s where friendship and kinship are challenged and are subsequently addressed. But in a lighter tone.

Head to the cinemas to find out if Taek-il mends his ways and goes back to his mother. And whether the best buds fall out because of this incident.

Images and movie stills courtesy of Clover Films.

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