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Movie review: The escape of a 21st century toxic gas attack in “EXIT”

EXIT (2019)
PG / Opens 12 Sep (Sneaks 6-8 Sep) / 4.5 ★

One of the first disasters film to date, “EXIT” is really one film you ought to catch.

Truth be told, I was rather sceptical when I found out that ‘EXIT’ was a disaster movie. Undeniably, the plot can sometimes be more or less predictable for blockbuster disaster films. 

We see the protagonists being 2 ordinary people, one even being an unemployed man who has an unhealthy obsession with mountain climbing. It’s clear that the movie wants to send a message: Everyone can be a superhero, and not all of them wear capes.

The synopsis of the movie goes along the lines of  Yong-nam (Jo Jung-suk), who has not been able to find a job for a few years after college and he runs into his old crush Eui-ju (Im Yoon-ah) at his mother’s 70th birthday bash. 

At certain junctures of the movie, the plot took control of our hearts and got our eyes fixated on what’s going to happen next. The audience can also expect a good laugh along the way. Wow, an emotional rollercoaster indeed.

Some elements of the present, like technology for example, was also weaved into the plot.  We’re not going to spoil it for you but personally, it was intriguing how everything linked up to tell the full story.

The film really kept me to the edge of my seat.

“EXIT” opens 12 September 2019 (Thurs) in Singapore, sneaks from 6-8 September 2019.

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