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Multinational new girl group Secret Number makes charismatic debut with “Who Dis?”

They boast a Japanese and Indonesian member in their group, and they are no short of charming appeals.

The multinational girl group Secret Number made their charismatic debut today with their first single album, “Who Dis”.

The girl group’s newest music video had amassed more than 45k views within half an hour.

While girl groups with members from outside of Korea is increasingly ubiquitous, Secret Number not only has a Tokyo-born member Léa, they boast a main dancer Dita, from Indonesia.

The quintet from Vine Entertainment held a media showcase earlier today as members were introduced to members of the press. The girls performed their title number “Who Dis”.

For a girl group who just made their debut, the girls exhibited confidence and ease. Give it to their experience in the showbiz industry. 

Prior to their debut, Léa made appearances on the reality programme Mixnine, Dita was a 1MILLION dancer, while Jinny and Denise were former YG Entertainment trainees.

Their debut was affectionately referred to as the “birth of a talented girl group”, who had already garnered worldwide attention.

We wonder what else is in store for them, and their fans in future?

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