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NCT127 Concert Report: A K-pop Experiment Success

SINGAPORE – What exactly is Neo Culture Technology (NCT)? It isn’t a scientific technology, nor a boyband per se. NCT is a K-pop star-making experiment of sorts.

Created by SM Entertainment, the collective is made up of an unlimited number of members who can debut in different groups. At any time, the member line-up can be changed. The international members hail from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, America, Canada and Japan.

So far, three groups have debuted: NCT Dream, NCT U and NCT 127.

Last Saturday, we experienced the explosive power of NCT 127. In case you were wondering, the number ‘127’ represents the longitude coordinates of Seoul.

Kicking off the party with Cherry Bomb (2017), the boybanders belted out “I’m the biggest hit on the stage!”

Setting the tone for the night, the lads doled out soothing vocals and energetic dancing throughout the 150-minute long set.

The nonet played at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last Saturday (20 July) to 6000 fans.

Each member greeted the audience in fluent English, amazing fans who lapped up every single word. Looks like training with members who are native English speakers does help to improve your language skills.

Korean-American Johnny said: “This is the last concert of Neo City (tour), and I’m glad that I’m able to share this experience with all of you.”

The atmosphere went up a notch as Johnny went on to prompt fans to do a Kallang wave, running from one stage to the other like an energizer bunny.

The handsome lads changed into pristine white shirts, transforming into prince charmings who serenaded fans with soothing ballads like City 127 (2018) and Angel (2017).

This segment was a departure from their usual dance tracks. Jaehyun explained that they wanted to show fans a different side of NCT127. “I know we portray a charismatic and strong appearance onstage, but in real life, we’re warm-hearted people,” said Jaehyun.

The spotlight was then given to the group’s vocalists. If you thought that was not enough to satisfy, don’t worry. “The vocal members (of the group) are going to sing you ear-melting tracks”, member Mark told fans, attracting deafening cheers. The group’s vocalists covered NCT U’s Timeless (2018) and serenaded their fans with No Longer (2018).

Then, they brought the dance tracks back. The group came back as one to perform the groovy EDM track Wake Up (2016).

We got to witness Taeyong and Mark go all out for the rap Mad City (2016) as they fired off lyrics like a machine gun.

The boys then returned on stage once more decked in vibrant-coloured, 90s inspired outfits, waving their very own lightsticks as they sang Replay (2018). They then ended the show with a bang with Simon Says (2018) and their very own debut title, Fire Truck (2016).

Time will tell if they can replicate the success of their predecessors, such as EXO and Girls’ Generation. From what we saw at this concert, we’re pretty hopeful.

Photos Courtesy of One Production.

This piece is published in collaboration with KKBOX.

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