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Netflix Announces New Korean Production “Extracurricular”, Out In April

Here’s one for you after the second season of Kingdom.

With its second season released earlier this month, Netflix’s original Korean period series, Kingdom, boomed with success among local audience.

Netflix announced yesterday that another Korean original series “Extracurricular” will premiere on the platform soon.

The series follows a group of high school students living their lives on the edge. Needless to say, their perilous lifestyle have caused them some dangerous consequences.

A team of fresh and young teenagers make up the cast makes up the cast for Extracurricular.

Such include Kim Dong-hee who acted in Itaewon Class, taking the role of Ji-soo, an exemplar of a model student who delves into the life of misdemeanours. His accomplice is Gyuri, played by Park Ju-hyun.

Jung Da-bin takes on the role of the spiteful teenager Min-hee. Her onscreen boyfriend Kitae is played by Nam Yoon-su, the star of web dramas.

Just like many Netflix productions, each one comes with tag lines that sure pack a punch. In Extracurricular, they say “some mistakes cannot be erased”.

The Netflix original series Extracurricular premieres worldwide ‪on April 29th.‬

• “Extracurricular” is set to premiere on Netflix, on 29 April.

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