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Nike Teams Up With G-Dragon For PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1

G-Dragon lives up to his name as a fashionista with his new Air Force “Para-noise”. Drops Nov 23.

G-Dragon should be no stranger to fans in the K-pop realm.

From producing chart-toppers such as Flower Road (2018) and Bang Bang Bang (2016) to his always-unique fashion style, G-Dragon him impresses no matter what he does.

Fresh out of his military service, G-Dragon is back in the scene with his brand new collaboration with Nike. 

Boasting a unique design and floral motif, G-Dragon revisits his roots as a hip-hop icon. The Air Force 1, which has been associated closely with hip-hop culture, hits a spot close to home for the 31 year-old singer as well.

G-Dragon expressed his love for Nike since his teenage years, as it was an integral part of the hip-hop culture that he was a part of.

But he did not have easy access to them back then.

In a press release, he revealed that “AF1 has had a meaning greater than just shoes, [but] I couldn’t afford them, so I would always pass the Nike store and admire them with my eyes and heart only. For those who loved hip-hop culture, oversized clothes, hats and matching-colored AF1s was the uniform.”

The design wants to convey optimism with its unique floral pattern standing out from the otherwise black shoes. He wishes to enable youths to be unified through sharing their creative ideas and empower them to express themselves.

Coupled with the premium black leather which wears away to reveal a distinctive design by G-Dragon himself, the Air Force “Para-noise” comes with customisable pins, giving the creative freedom to customise the shoes as one wishes.

The Nike Air Force “Para-noise” is slated to launch globally on November 23.

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