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Objectification Still Present In The K-pop Industry, Says APRIL’s Jinsol

She’s just one of the few who openly spoke about it.

Jinsol, who is one-sixth of South Korea girl-group APRIL, recently took to social media to stop objectification of women. In particular, herself.

She wrote a few lines on her Instagram story yesterday.

Translated to English, they read:

Videos of me wearing short or tight outfits get taken whether I’m walking, running or dancing. I really hope those videos of me could stop appearing online. When I search for my name, some of (the videos) will surface and I really dislike that.”

Her worry and concern is more than justified, accounting to the fact she is only 18 years old.

In my opinion, the choreography accompanying their tracks have bordered on being provocative.

Their live performances usually require the group to don on sleeveless one-piece dresses featuring a mini-skirt.

SEOULHYPE ran a search on YouTube to find that these “fan-uploaded” videos usually feature one member of the group.

Netizens have expressed dissatisfaction under the videos, with some noting that it “she is a minor”, “the comments are gross”. The list goes on.

Thinking back, it does not add up. On one hand, Jinsol expresses discomfort at her own videos. On the other, she relented to wearing those costumes onstage.

Could this be a time to rethink whether record labels and entertainment companies should market their artistes at their expense of such harassment and objectification?

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