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ONF gifts fans special and memorable performances; MIRROR came to visit

HONG KONG –  ONF brought their [WE MUST LOVE] Asia tour to Hong Kong yesterday (30 March) and was staged at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre. This was the group’s first visit to Hong Kong, thus they not only performed with flowing enthusiasm, but also prepared special performances for the local fans.

The prepared Mayday’sHere, After, Us” which was sang in Chinese and it seemed that all the members had the lyrics already memorised and practised countless times beforehand, for such a great performance.

In fact, ONF was also joined by 2 members from Hong Kong local boyband MIRROR, Show Keung To and Anson Lo halfway into their concert. Both of them also performed a snippet of a ONF tune and set fans screaming for more.

We don’t exactly know how the members could end up on a topic like dieting, but they did anyways. Members of MIRROR also asked ONF how they were always able to keep a diet, but ONF members then revealed that they had to take their weight regularly and hence are able to keep themselves in check.

Right after, they also performed tracks like Happily Never After, Catwaltz and Yayaya.

Before the concert ended, ONF also took a full group shot with all the fans who were present, to commemorate their first visit to Hong Kong and a successful show held.

Fans were also able to engage in a Hi-Touch session with members while some lucky ones managed to get a group photo with them!

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: Joanne Tung

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