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Oscars-Winning “Parasite” Goes Monochrome In Local Cinemas

The monochrome rendition of Parasite runs from today.

Announced this morning, Parasite’s Oscar win for Best Screenplay should not come as a surprise.

But here’s something only few might know of: the movie will soon see a monochrome rerun in local theatres.

Director Bong Joon-ho urges viewers to “compare their own experiences from the coloured version and find their own path to Parasite”.

Perhaps it’s the well thought-out plot, or the minute details that were meticulously addressed in this black comedy thriller. 

No matter what it is, a second, or even a third-watch is surely justified.

The monochrome rendition of “Parasite” will run from today (10 Feb) only at The Projector, Golden Village Funan or Cathay Orchard.

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