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Park Bogum hints more performances for Asia tour in Hong Kong during press conference

HONG KONG – Actor Park Bogum greeted Hong Kong media and fans at the press conference for 2019 Asia Tour. The message was clear, the 25 year-old wanted to radiate positivity this time around and thus his concert name: “Good Day: May Your Everyday Be A Good Day”.

The organizer prepared an azure microphone as the welcoming gift for him, as blue was known to be the representative color of Bogum. It was hoped that he could perform well and become closer with fans in the fan-meet. Bogum, taken aback, immediately expressed thanks by saying ‘Thank you’ in Cantonese. He was so satisfied with the gift, that he held it during the whole course of the press conference.

Park Bogum has become the ‘Nation’s Boyfriend’ after being the leading actor of the popular drama ‘Boyfriend’. When he was asked his definition of a good boyfriend, he replied that a good boyfriend should be a good listener who could understand others well.

Meanwhile, Park Bogum is slated to act in a new movie named ‘Seo Bok’ with Gong Yoo, and the role of Bogum would be a human clone. Bogum told us that he was very excited to collaborate with the talented senior Gong Yoo. On top of that, to prepare for the character as the first human clone, he would work harder to show more mature acting skills and hopes to able to garner support to his new movie.

When asked his preference between TV drama and movie, Bogum revealed that more time would be allowed for improving his acting in films. However, the shooting schedules are usually very tight for TV drama. He personally did not have any preference, and he would like to try his best in both industries.

Bogum also showed us his humourous side when answering which actors he would like to collaborate with. Instead of answering the question directly, he asked the MC and fans which actor would be suitable for the collaboration with him. It reflects that Park Bogum is a sweet gentleman who cares about his fans, as always. Fans then replied all actors were suitable for the collaboration. Undoubtedly, that was because the collaboration involves their favorite actor Park Bogum.

Comparing the Asia Tour to his previous fan meetings, there will be more time for performances this time around. Bogum joked that his ability was still not enough to say it was going to be a concert as he is still an actor after all, but he hoped that tomorrow would become a good day and leave unforgettable memories for fans.

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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