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Exclusive: PENTAGON on how “Daisy” made a hit and highlights of upcoming concert

PENTAGON talks to SEOULHYPE in an exclusive interview on their upcoming show and recent album drop.

As member JINHO serves his mandatory military stint, the now eight-membered PENTAGON also dropped their tenth EP “WE:TH” in October. And they have no intentions of halting group promotions just yet. 

Though they’ve had experience holding an online fan-meeting in September, a full-fledged concert is still a first for the group this year. 

Prior to their upcoming “WE L:VE” online concert on 29 November, the lads speak to SEOULHYPE in an exclusive interview as they tease highlights of the show.

Congratulations on surpassing 2 millions views for the music video of “Daisy”. Why do you think “Daisy” became a hit song?
HUI: I think it’s because of the easy melody and the upgraded, cooler appearance of the members.
WOOSEOK: I think the reason that Daisy has been loved was because of the mood and composition of the song and the good word and meaning of Daisy.

The title track of your latest album “WE:TH” was “Daisy”. Which other flower do you think best represents you and why?
HUI: Azalea. I want to be a person who can sacrifice for the members.
HONGSEOK: Iris! It’s my birth flower and I like it because of its pretty name.
SHINWON: Aster altaicus var. uchiyamae (Aster). I take interest in it because it’s my birth flower.
YEOONE: Sunflower! Because my eyes are always on UNIVERSE.
ANAN: White magnolia. It’s the representative flower of Shanghai.
YUTO: Dandelion. It flies from far away, as I did.
KINO: I want to choose Lavender because I want to be a fragrant person. 
WOOSEOK: Saffron. It is my birth flower and has a nice fragrance.

Are there highlights or performances exclusive to the upcoming “2020 PENTAGON ONLINE CONCERT [WE L:VE]” that fans can look forward to?
HONGSEOK: Of course! We’re preparing a lot of performances, so you can look forward to it!
KINO: Please look forward to the special stage. I think you’ll be able to see a very special performance.

A message for your Singapore fans?
YEOONE: We will go meet you, so please wait a little and let’s meet at the online concert! I love you!
YANAN: UNIVERSE in Singapore! I know you’ve been waiting for us for a long time. I still remember my visit to Singapore last year. I can’t wait to go and meet you again. Please stay healthy and I will definitely go meet you when things get better. I love you!
YUTO: UNIVERSE in Singapore! I can’t wait to meet you! Please don’t get sick and wait for us a little longer until we meet face to face again.

SEOULHYPE also asked PENTAGON members for one song looping on their playlist recently. Our editors have curated a playlist from their picks, on Spotify and KKBOX.

Tickets to the concert will cost 39,000 KRW. Ad-hoc packages — such as the Key Ring Package, AR Photo Card Package and Meet and Call Package are also up for grabs. More details here.

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1 Comment

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