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PENTAGON’s online concert “WE L:VE” was truly worth the wait

PENTAGON reveals their new track “Flame” in the show and will be released on 18 Dec.

PENTAGON was all set for their first online concert of the year “WE L:VE” on 29 November. But it was put off at the eleventh hour as member Yeo One was voluntarily tested for COVID-19.

The remaining members, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yan An, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok were also tested subsequently. Their show rescheduled to last Sunday (13 Dec) instead. 

Fans were still stoked, as it’s their first full-scale concert of the year. More importantly, it was a show that the boys put their all into, they told SEOULHYPE previously.

Rather than marching through a fixed setlist performing tracks after tracks, their show was segmented into 5 parts, each a word play to their concert title “live”.

Starting with fiery beats from the get go, it’s evident PENTAGON wants fans to “live” in the moment with them. They performed “Can You Feel It”, “Gorilla” and “Basquiat”, a song birthed through the Mnet reality survival programme “Road To Kingdom”.

Thanks to the programme, the eight-membered boy band propelled to greater heights. They’ve built a name for themselves, and won over the hearts of many. On various fronts, it was arguably the best testament to their growth since their 2016 debut.

PENTAGON now sees things in a different, more matured light and the stage now holds a different meaning to them.

“It’s not just my workplace, but also my battlefield”, Hui reveals. He feels pressured being on stage, yet he’s the happiest, experiencing the greatest joy at this very place too. “It is a space where contradicting emotions exist”.

That explains why the fourth chapter of their show is titled “We L:ve On Stage” but above all, the boys “L:ve in Universe”, an affectionate reference to their fans, collectively known as universe

But plugging their fans into one of their concert segments is still not the sweetest thing the boy band did for them.

They dedicated “To Universe” for fans back in 2017, and performed their newest track “Eternal Flame” for the first time during the show.

The sentimental tune is tailored for fans with lyrics directly quoting actual letters sent by them. It will see its release on 18 December, 6PM KST (5PM SGT).

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