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Concert Review: Pentagon’s Singapore Insider – Hongseok

Pentagon will “confirm plus chop” come back to Singapore, says Hongseok.

SINGAPORE — K-pop boyband Pentagon has insider information of Singapore.  We’re sure of it. 

Because they don’t just eat the usual chilli crab, the go-to delicacy of K-pop stars. The lads have tried Bandung which you and I drink. Yes, the shocking pink drink made of rose syrup and evaporated milk. 

At last Saturday’s show, the insider was revealed —  Hongseok. A former Hwa Chong International Student, who has studied here for a decade, Hongseok knows his kopitiam drinks and Singlish. He even invited some of his ex-classmates to the show. 

On stage at The Star Theatre, Hongseok shared that he recommended Bandung to his bandmates Jinho and Kino. 

It was a treat to hear the idols talk about local food. It’s like they made a connection with fans. Perhaps a few fans went out to order themselves a bandung after the show. 

Hongseok’s use of Singlish was superb. He could form a sentence to set the hearts of female fans aflutter. “Waseh, so many chiobus in the audience,” said Hongseok cheekily.

It wasn’t just sweet nothings that got the fans’ heart pumping. The sprightly lad’s were positively infectious. 

The 11-member band’s energy level was high from the get-go, even though they were missing Yanan. He was unable to attend because of health concerns.

The group’s leader, Hui, told fans to get up on their feet as they kicked off the first song of the night, SHA LA LA (2019). This was followed by Gorilla (2016), another upbeat tune.

Two special stages were prepared for the night. 

The first was a sizzling cover of Havana (2018), originally sung by Camilla Cabello. Performed by Hongseok, Kino, Jinho and Yeo One, the lads seduced their fans with their sexy charms.

The seductive set was packed with body rolls and hip thrusts. Hongseok was such a tease, unbuttoning his shirt midway through the song, leaving much to the audience’s imagination. 

Next up, Hui, Wooseok, Shinwon and Yuto took to the stage with Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk (2014). The quartet was dressed in retro outfits that fitted the song to a T. The enthusiastic audience couldn’t help but sway and jump to the groovy beats. 

Aptly titled PRISM, the tour is the group’s way of showing their Universe fans their “different colours”. 

In return, fans wanted to show them their colours too. During the R&B ballad When It Rains At Night (2018), fans whipped out light sticks and smartphone flashlights. The theatre transformed into a sea of beautiful lights.

Of course, Pentagon’s representative songs, Shine (2018) and Naughty Boy (2018) could not be left out from the setlist. The songs needed no introduction as fans cheered once they recognised the starting positions. 

The last song of the night was Spectacular (2017). Though fans were hesitant to say goodbye, there was no doubt that Pentagon left them with a song that described the moment. Because it was nothing short of spectacular. 

Pentagon’s impressive vocals, rap, dance and chemistry were perfectly demonstrated on the big stage. As promised, their “varying colours” were proven through songs of different genres. We hope they’ll return soon to charm Singapore Universe once again, and we’ll be waiting to see the spectrum of colours they’ll showcase next time. 

Trust Hongseok to assure fans of the band’s return in a uniquely Singaporean way. He threw in a Singlish slang, “Confirm plus chop!”.

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1 Comment

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