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Rala Choi: The Photographer Behind Album Covers Of Taeyeon, Zion T. And More

His photos are more than thought-provoking.

At first glance, his works might seem as if it’s a painted showpiece. But upon close scrutiny, one might realise it’s a photograph taken by a camera.

That’s the beauty shrouded in the photos shot by South Korean photographer Rala Choi.

Known for using a film camera instead of its digital counterpart, his works slant towards an artistic masterpiece instead of a mainstream photograph.

There’s a reason why he chose to do so. 

When film cameras are used for shoots, photographers can’t check the photos instantly. As such, “more effort and thought needs to be poured into the photo,” he says, in an interview with Arirang Culture in 2018.

Ambling on a path less travelled might be a stepping stone in Choi’s career success. To date, he had worked with numerous celebrities in South Korea and beyond.

He was the one behind the cover of Taeyeon’s first studio album “My Voice” (2017) and Zion. T’s second EP “OO” (2017).

Choi’s clients are, however, diverse. He photographed for big brands like Gentle Monster and also shot magazine covers for actress Song Hye-kyo.

Last July, he worked with Taiwanese singer Wu Tsing-Fong for his “The Carnival In Babel” exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

He has his own set of classics too. Some of which include “What We Are Left with after Relationships End” (2017), “Alone Together” (2017) and “Same Place, Different Thoughts” (2017).

They were on display in March 2018 during his special exhibition “Rala Choi: Rala Salon” held in Seoul. Fortunately, that was not the only chance people got to see his works.

He was in Singapore last November as he held his personal exhibition “Back In Art”. Art enthusiasts flocked to the exhibition catch a glimpse of his photographs.

Freelance journalist Keira Tan, who attended the photo exhibition, says that she likens his works to an “oil painting: saturated yet not impetuous”.

She adds, “he manifests complex emotions in a straightforward fashion and is adroit at seizing rarely portrayed facades. His works are subtle but distinct.”

Indeed, his seemingly non-identical works have their similarities and distinctive features. The best part? They do not conform to the boundaries of commercialization.

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