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Rave it up with Hyolyn at your perfect weekend getaway, the Puma Cali Party

KUALA LUMPUR – Multinational footwear brand, Puma opened up their Puma Cali Party to celebrate their new Puma Cali collection at Sentul Depot yesterday (27 April) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Prior to the show, party attendees were treated to a host of activities and booths including nail art and even a mini-bungee. There were numerous vibrant photo booths with insta-worthy props for attendees to snap a shot or two, the party venue was more than dream-like. Fans were also spoiled by free flow popcorn, ice-cream and more.

Right before Hyolyn came on stage, two lucky attendees got a chance to flaunt their fan abilities by singing a line from her songs. Both won themselves a Puma Cali camera.

Hyolyn opened the set with the refreshing See Sea. After that short there was a short QnA session. “I wanted to eat Malaysian hot pot”, said Hyolyn when asked what food she wants to try since she was in Southeast Asia. She was also asked about the filming of her Puma Cali ad and her favourite scene was where she was pelted with ping pong balls.

Lastly, she then asked fans to come to her concert, happening in Kuala Lumpur on 28th of June at Dewan Wawasan Menara PGRM. Ticket sales for the concert went on sale on the 24th of April.

She continued her set with a medley of SISTAR‘s Ma Boy and Shake It, which long-term fans were sure to love. After the cheerful performance, Hyolyn decided to wow the crowd with her vocals by singing her song Goodbye from the My Love From the Star OST.

Hyolyn then went off off stage for a short while and got dressed in her signature look for her next song, Dally.

Three lucky fans then got a chance to come on stage to take photos with Hyolyn after successfully completing part of the Dally choreography. Hyolyn herself came on stage to give a short demonstration for everyone. The winner, picked by Hyolyn herself won themselves a pair Puma Cali shoes and everyone took a group picture.

To close her set off, Hyolyn came back on stage to do an energetic cover of Bang Bang and even jumped off stage to get close to fans on the ground.

If you have not done so, be sure to check out the Cali collection from Puma at their website!

Words: Mirza Abdul Halim
Photos: Mirza Abdul Halim

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1 Comment

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