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Ready for a winter tour in Korea with Kang Gary & Lyn?

HONG KONG – Yes! We’ve also heard that this year, we’re ushering winter pretty early with the first snow being witnessed at Seoraksan in mid-October. This year’s first snow is earlier than last year’s by 16 days with the first snow being witnessed on 3 November last year in 2017.

Gear up this winter, as Korea will be pretty cold if you’re planning your holiday there! But there’s another reason why you should give Korea a visit too, we’ll leave it to Kang Gary and Lyn will tell you why.

Kang Gary first debuted as a singer in the duo LeeSsang before he joined as a fixed cast of the South Korean reality show from 2010 to 2017. Of course, he is now a proud dad to his almost 1-year-old son!

On the other hand, Lyn is well-known for her powerhouse vocals, the singer for renowned drama Original Sound Tracks (OST) like My Destiny for the drama You Who Came From The Stars and even collaborated with Hanhae for LOVE, one of the soundtracks for Are You Human Too?

Kang Gary kicked off the first day of the festival by introducing himself in Cantonese, “大家好我係姜Gary”. When asked about what he’s up to thus far, he said that he is spending a blissful time with his wife and is also taking care of his son well.

Gary cheekily said that he knew that it does not snow in Hong Kong, so he recommends that the guys go to Korea to propose to score a higher success rate! On top of that, he also told fans to go to Everland or go fishing at Hongcheon in the Gangwon province.

Fans also joined along as he sang Can’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy and Lonely Night live in Hong Kong.

We ushered in Day 2 with Lyn as our special guest. Lyn started by greeting local fans in Cantonese. The talented OST diva also divulged that she recently released her 10th album, and preparations are also in place for her upcoming concert. She topped her visit by bringing a few OSTs to the audience like My DestinyBack In Time and With You.

When asked about recommended places to visit in Korea during winter, she suggested Pyeongchang, which was where the 2018 Winter Olympics unfolded at. There will be a Pyeongchang Trout Festival coming up so you can get fresh fish to be cooked at restaurants. Well, it’s definitely a must-go for couples or even families!

She hopes that more people know about Korea, and the culture as well. Ending off, she also told fans that the country she visits most often is none other than Hong Kong.

This event is brought to you by Korea Plaza (KTOHK).

Words: Avier Tan / Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung / Katy Chak

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