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Reasons why VIXX’s Leo and Jung Taek-woon are two different personas

MALAYSIA – Organised by the Korean Tourism Organisation (KTO) Malaysia, a special K-Performance Show 2019 was held last weekend at KLCC Plenary Hall, headlined by VIXX’s Leo.

With the Korean culture spreading worldwide, the two-day show aims to offer Malaysians with a diverse experience of artistic productions available in the Korean entertainment industry.

Leo impressed fans with his vocal talents. Many would know of him as a member of VIXX, but did you know he participated in many musicals too? No doubt, it was delightful to listen to his soothing voice as he served up live renditions of tracks from his musical and a song from his latest album, Muse.

As soon as he entered, he started with the title of a musical singer, instead of VIXX’s Leo, by singing one of his musical tracks from Mata Hari followed by The Measure of a Man from musical The Last Kiss.

Ending the stage as a solo artist with his soothing and emotional voice delivering his self-composed song, Nostalgia.

Leo revealed that because he couldn’t promote his musical in Malaysia so he would like to make up to fans, to let them feel like they were watching his musical live. He also mentioned that Leo as a musical actor is really quite different from the singer Leo.

That said, he successfully awe the fans with his talents as a musical singer and also a ballad singer.

To end it off, the 29 year-old singer said that he had a pleasant night walking alone around KL during his free time. He enjoyed chilli crab, fried rice and also some of the local foods. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that fans enjoyed his performance.

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