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Review: Kang Daniel makes history by eating durians in Singapore fan-meet

SINGAPORE – The 23 year-old singer by the name of Kang Daniel is ready to meet fans as he held the first overseas stop of his fan-meet “Colour on Me” on Friday (16 August) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

He revealed, at the press conference held yesterday, that the dress code for today’s show would be pink. As you might have guessed, fans flocked into the stadium dressed in pink. Kang Daniel himself was no exception.

Kicking off the set, tracks like Horizon and What are you up to were sang live before he got his hands on local delicacies hidden in secret boxes like bak kwa (pork jerky) and pandan cake and fans had to guess the wrong answer after Daniel performed a dance.

Quirky as it might sound, he also had to do penalties when fans answered incorrectly. He was shown videos of different trending dances, like the Rolex Dance and the Level Up Dance. 

Call him a dance machine now. With one look, he remembers each move in precise order.

It was somewhat time for the King of K-pop to meet the King of fruits. Daniel did a taste-test on the durian, a tropical fruit loved by locals. Daniel is really a nice lad, says the emcee for the night because this segment was completely impromptu but Daniel took it in his stride anyways and went along with it.

But this was not the only reason why he made history today. He is also one of the few Korean soloists who have held a show here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. “My wish is to come back as a better version of myself,” the humble singer told fans. Stressing on the fact that it hasn’t been long since his debut and he hopes that fans will stay with him and continue watching him.

He definitely did not forget the double identity he had other than being a singer — being the Honorary Ambassador for Busan City, his hometown. “Maybe next time, we can see each other again, if you come to South Korea?”, he joked.

Daniel wittingly ended the set by teasing fans, telling them that they will soon have a collective name, or rather a fandom name. He revealed that his team is also currently struggling hard for the best name possible to address his fans. Anyhow, patience is all that is needed now but it will come real soon.

I dare say Daniel showed me the various colours of himself today at his fan-meet, was it the same for you?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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