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Second visit here, but GFriend continues to bedazzle

SINGAPORE – Sweetheart sextet GFriend made a second trip to our sunny island at The Star Theatre last Saturday (21 Jul), the first being for their L.O.L showcase here in 2016. Singapore is the third stop of the tour, following Seoul and Malaysia.

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The quirky opening video hyped up the crowd, showing the charms of the girls beyond their natural cuteness. The group opened the show with their classic, Me Gustas Tu. They followed it up with Life Is A Party and Vacation, showing off their live vocals confidently. 

They each greeted the fans in English. “We flew 7 hours to meet the fans but we don’t feel tired at all” says main vocal Yuju. SinB felt excited and nervous to be on stage and was surprised to see so many BUDDY. The girls told everyone that they wanted to show their hidden charm that had been hidden till now.

They continued the show with Glow, Truly Love and Love In The Air.

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The members also showcased their handwritten wishes through a short video clip, and lead dancer Yerin vocalised hers, telling fans “whenever you are happy or sad, we (GFriend) would love to stay close to you!”

Fans then got a humorous look into an imaginary world where GFriend made their debut as two separate groups of three members, introducing us to their Hug Hug (Yerin, Eunha and Umji) and World Peace (Sowon, Yuju and SinB) subunits. The video had fans roaring with laughter from the girls’ over the top antics. Suffice to say, both groups had very different concepts. Hug Hug performed Shy Boy, a winsome tune, while World Peace performed Monday Blues, a more upbeat and electronic sounding track.  

Think again if you thought the members could only sing and dance. The girls then appeared as masters of various sports. Once more, the crowd were left in stitches from their on-screen shenanigans. The girls then returned for the next set consisting of You Are Not Alone, Only 1, L.U.V, a remixed rendition of Rough, and Flower Garden. 

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They returned for the final segment with the Korean versions of Memoria and Flower, followed by a shortened version of Crush. “You should be feeling hot because we’re filling this place with our hotness”, joked Yuju.

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Sowon further revealed that it was an impromptu decision to add in their latest release, Fever to the setlist. While they were unable to do a full performance of it, the crowd was treated to a brief, live performance of Fever on the spot. The segment ended with Navillera. 

The final video intermission showcased the girls in the process of penning down lyrics for their fan song Hope. The girls then appeared once more on stage – in casual black t-shirts and striped skirts as a special video followed, showcasing the girls’ hard work from debut and the major events along their journey, tugging on the heartstrings of the group.

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GFriend’s just warming up. They are headed to Bangkok next weekend for the next leg of their tour.

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