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Second Visit To Kuala Lumpur, But WINNER Promises For More

Once, or twice in this case, is never enough.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — South Korean boy band WINNER had recently concluded their “Cross” Tour gig in Malaysia.

The four-piece band played last Saturday (18 Jan) at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil. 

With the opening notes of “EVERYDAY” (2018), WINNER ascended to the stage. A succession of their bangers followed after, and the crowd was high through “LOVE ME LOVE ME” (2017), and “ISLAND” (2017).

Leader Yoon explained that there’s a reason behind this musical extravaganza. 

For the tour, the quartet collaborated “with this greatest band, to come up with a special stage for fans to enjoy WINNER’s emotional music”.

Members’ had got their individual share of showtime with their solo acts. 

The group’s rapper, Hoony, flamed with charisma with his energetic performance of “FLAMENCO” (2019) and “SERENADE”.

JINU performed his newest solo release “CALL ANYTIME” (2019), serenading the crowd with his sultry vocals. 

While YOON rocked the stage with iconic “INSTINCTIVELY” (2010) and “WIND” (2019), MINO performed his special stage solo , showing his sexy charms all over the stage.

It was like telepathy that Yoon knew fans were inquisitive why he arrived in Kuala Lumpur ahead of the other members.

“I came to meet my friend,” he addressed the sold-out crowd. But it wasn’t any ordinary pal. “The friend that I met was my first manager, and we worked together ten years ago”, Yoon noted in gratitude.

Idols usually prepare a track from a local artiste for fans, but WINNER took things up a notch. They covered labelmate G-Dragon’s “Heart Breaker” (2009). But it was a Malay rendition.

As the lads brought their hit “Millions” (2018) onstage, they took the chance to tell Malaysia Inner Circles that they are “one in a million”.

But having the group visit Malaysia on a date coinciding with the member’s birthday is also one in a million.

Leader Yoon, who is the youngest amongst the four, was treated to a birthday surprise.

Perhaps, because this is the group’s second visit to Malaysia that made them comfortable with local fans. They picked up basic Malay greetings like “Apa Khabar” and “Sayang”.

Since they already committed these words to memory, fans thought they should come visit again.

“I am very excited and I promise that WINNER will come back to Malaysia very soon”, JINU assures.

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