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Seventeen kicks off “Ideal Cut” in Hong Kong as the first Asia station

HONG KONG — Seventeen, a K-pop mega boy-group, consisting of 13 members brought their Asian tour “Ideal Cut” to Hong Kong as the first Asia station. The boys made it a point to come back to Hong Kong to visit their local Carats every year, and this year was no exception, with their Ideal Cut tour.

For the opening stage, they performed New World and Highlight, which showcased they well-trained performance skills coupled with dazzling choreography. Highlight is reputed as one of the most representative songs of the performance team but this time, Seventeen performed it as a whole.

The show went on to see their famous title track Thanks. Their dance steps were more than synchronized and powerful, but also expressing the deeper meaning and feeling in the song, to express gratitude and you’ve guessed it, thanks to local and international fans for supporting them. After that, Seventeen showed Carats some impressive stage in their respective sub-units, the Hiphop Team, Vocal Team and Performance Team. Those stages could fully show off their personal charisma with their own talent.

As mentioned in the press conference before, Seventeen performed something special for Hong Kong Carats—the Mandarin version of Oh My! The song was recently released online, so most of the Carats could get together in the serenade, and that created unified spirit. Surely, Carats must be very proud of their idol, because the members of Seventeen did participate in the Chinese lyrics composition too!

Moreover, both Seventeen and Carats were teary-eyed because of the touching reflections shared by the members. Making a beautiful promise with each other, they said there and then that they would not leave each other forever. At that moment, it seems that the relationship between Seventeen and Carats were not only idols and fans anymore, that they both treasured each other as they were best friends. Finally, the ending stage Healing and VeryNice drew a perfect ending for the Ideal Cut in Hong Kong. Can we look forward to seeing the boys next year too?

This event is brought to you by SMILES Production Ltd.

Words: Avier Tan / Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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