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Seventeen shares why Hong Kong is special to them in their “Ideal Cut” press conference

HONG KONG – Seventeen, a K-pop mega boy-group, consisting of 13 members will be bringing their concert “Ideal Cut” to Hong Kong. Prior to the concert, their press conference was held at Windsor House. With nearly a thousand Carats present for this public conference, Seventeen once again proves their soaring popularity beyond Korea, all around Asia.

Undoubtedly, Hong Kong is a meaningful place to Seventeen, as they firstly visited Hong Kong because of MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) 2016, and was crowned as the ‘Worldwide Performer’. As mentioned by Wonwoo, Hong Kong was one of the filming sites for their music video ‘CHECK IN’ too.

When Seventeen members posed the question about what they wanted to achieve from this tour, they emphasised that they wanted to only show the best stages to Hong Kong Carats. Of course, Seventeen did prepare something special for Hong Kong Carats – the Mandarin rendition of ‘Oh My!’, their newly released summer track. Members also mentioned that is was definitely not a walk in the park when recording it, accounting for the pronunciation of Chinese characters. However, they felt that international Carats could understand their music better with their language, and that, their hard work would not be wasted.

Looking back, Seventeen is well-known as a self-sufficient boy group, with self-composed and self-made choreographies. Woozi, the one named as ‘genius composer’, reveals that his works are usually inspired by his life experiences. 

Meanwhile, the Chinese members Jun and The8 also took part In the lyrics composition of the Mandarin version of ‘Oh My!’. Such a group of talented boys we have!

The press conference was ended up with the group photo time of Seventeen and Hong Kong Carats. We can’t wait to watch Seventeen’s performance on stage!

Words: Avier Tan / Joanne Tung
Photos: Joanne Tung

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