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Show Review: Jackson Wang treats fans to a magical spectacle in first headline tour

Jackson Wang’s first headline tour, the Magic Man world tour, was no less a magical spectacle.

Jackson Wang Magic Man World Tour
Singapore Indoor Stadium
23 December 2022

SINGAPORE — Jackson Wang is finally back in Singapore. This time, it’s for his flagship concert titled the Magic Man World Tour. Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, he played to a crowd of some 10,000 fans.

This is a remarkable feat, considering the hefty price tag these tickets bear. Tickets to the standing pen in closest proximity to the main stage go on sale at S$698.

It is not Wang’s first trip to Singapore.

Yet, the multi-hyphenated performer attracted deafening cheers from fans when he dramatically descended on stage in what seems to be a capsule-like lift for hits like Go Ghost (2022), Blackout (2022) and I Don’t Have It (2022).

Singapore fans love him, and for good reason. “He is very passionate in everything he does and strives to be the best of himself, so I really respect him as a performer,” concertgoer Joelle Liu, 19, told SeoulHype. She snagged a VIP 2 standing ticket to the show.

And he hopes his fans can do so too. He urged fans to rely on themselves to fulfil their dreams and go after what they love because no one else will. “You’re the main character of your own individual story,” he addressed the 10,000 strong crowd.

Aside, Wang has also since founded his titular record label Team Wang. He has already taken a couple of soloists under his wing, including Laurie, who opened the show that evening.

Talk about large-scale performances. Wang’s stage set-up might be one of the most elaborate to date. As he delivers tracks like All The Way (2022) and Drive You Home (2021), a staircase was suspended from above, and Jackson Wang mounted a giant turntable to get a panoramic view of his fans.

And his love and care towards his fans is evident. “We go through the same things in life and I am going through the same stuff,” he said. “You guys are not alone, and I’m here with you guys,” he reassured in what seems to be a mini pep talk session.

Shan, 23, who is currently a student said: “The concert felt like a Ted talk, and a party” all in one. It was the “best one [she had] been to” she added.

Halfway into the show, a lucky fan was brought on stage during his live rendition of Dead (2022). Wang worked some steamy and provocative dance moves, being a charismatic flirt as if he wasn’t already one. 

The daredevil performer later climbed up to the seating crowd on the second floor, in an attempt to get closer to his fans during his encore segment.

Glam, action and fun aside, Wang is quite the philosopher. In the unlikely event that fans forgot what he shared, he wanted the audience to only leave with one specific takeaway,

“Promise me one thing, find your magic,” he said.

By that, he wanted his fans to understand what they want, care for themselves, pursue what they love. In that order. Everyone’s “magic” is different, and no two people will have the same story to share. 

“I want you to find your happiness, find your freedom, find your standard. That’s all I want as an entertainer,” he added.

And Jackson Wang might just be the living example of everything he preached that evening.

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