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Singapore Wannables are all in to celebrate Seong Wu’s 24th birthday

Wanna One, the K-pop boyband that took the world by storm, was officially formed through Mnet’s Season 2 of Produce 101. The show features 101 trainees from different entertainment agencies competing for the top 11 seats. Ong Seong Wu was one of them.

His opening lines are sure to give fans a good laugh. Being the very first celebrity with the surname “Ong”, not to be confused with others like “Gong”, “Hong” and “Ung” which are relatively more common Korean family names, the 24-year-old singer would distraughtly reaffirm his full name repetitively while introducing himself on television programmes. This 8-month trainee from Fantagio Entertainment rose to fame thanks to this very word play on his name.

This heart-throb has a natural born variety personality, being able to bring laughter to his fans. Crowned as the most “no jam” (not humorous) member in Wanna One, his on screen personality instantly changes when he is on stage. Unhesitant to hide his overflowing charisma, he usually performs in a choker and an oversized shirt, leaving fans begging for more. 

Is Ong Seong Wu only popular in Korea?  We’re about to prove you wrong. Taking a glance at the different projects fan have curated for him, ranging from screenings on mega LEDs in Manila, releasing commemorative albums in Vietnam to organising birthday photo exhibitions in Seoul. Closer to home, local fans have also organised a cafe project for him.  

We spoke to those who organised these initiatives for him.  As a fan, they revealed that they wanted to show their love for Seongwoo here in Singapore. One of them added that to the general public, these initiatives might be viewed as “crazy” or even being obsessive.

Nonetheless, she re-affirms that fans are willing to go the extra mile only because they want to support and show affection to their idol. Since this year is the last year that Seong Wu will be promoting as a member of Wanna One, this definitely was also one of the reason for them to be compelled to embark on such a project.

There are 2 cafes that you might want to visit this week, Coffeesmith’s Bedok and Orchard branch as the cafe projects would be held there.

Check out the cafes with a touch of Seong Wu’s presence as the walls are plastered with various photocards to make the shape of “옹” (his surname in hangul). Be sure to snap a photo with Seong Wu’s standing banner as well when you’re at it. 

At the Orchard branch, feel free to write your message for Seong Wu and fold it into a star, and drop it into the jars provided. Through this, it is hoped that Wannables are able to comfort him during his tough times.

Immerse yourself as you jam to familiar Wanna One tunes, which will be played throughout the day in the cafe as well.

Not to mention, today (23 August) is Wanna One’s 1st year of debut. We have witnessed them grown from trainees who worked hard and got their efforts paid off to stand at the peak of success, touring numerous countries, putting up more than 20 Asia and stateside performances.

If you want to join in the fun to celebrate Seong Wu’s 24th birthday, it’s not too late yet. Here’s how. Hurry down to Coffeesmith at Orchard Gateway from 23rd to 26th of August to participate in the fan-initiated cup-holder event. Simply purchase any drink and get yourself a Seong Wu cup holder and PVC card. Head down now and see you there!

This feature article is published in collaboration with @ongbokki and @joeyyloves.

Words: Amira Syaheera / Avier Tan
Photos: Avier Tan

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