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So Ji Sub became “Terrius” to answer fans’ questions in Hong Kong fan-meet

HONG KONG – After a two year gap from his last visit to Hong Kong, actor So Ji Sub is finally back to visit local fans with his “Hello” fan-meet.

The gentlemanly looking 41 year-old actor also revealed that he had missed his Hong Kong fans, and also prepared many fan benefits in view of this fan-meet. He serenaded the crowd  with his vocals right from the start of the set to bring up the overall mood of the set.

During the QnA session, So Ji Sub was posed with the question of what aims he has for the year and what requirements he had for his works. He shared that while there are no particular aims in mind for now, he will still be striving hard in things that he is passionate about.

For a favourite local delight, So Ji Sub told fans that he adores largely all the local foods and a fan also asked if he had tasted the “Tofu Roasted Pork Rice” which claims to be a man’s favourite dish. It was later explained that due to the greasy nature of the dish, women tend to detest it but it is all men’s favourite. He chuckled by saying that this dish is unique, and will be sure to try it next time.

A veteran actor in the industry for 18 years would mean that he has many notable works to showcase, particularly “My Secret Terrius” which most of us should have already binge-watched (and you definitely should if you haven’t).

So Ji Sub explained that between scenes with the child actors (as he was a babysitter in that show) and action scenes, it was action scenes that included alot of portions that were physically taxing and hence challenging. He also realised that moms are incredible after having acted alongside kids, but was a meaningful yet fun experience, he revealed.

Interestingly, he switched roles to become Terrius to unveil the answers to some of the fans’ questions. The organizer has also collected questions from fans beforehand, and those picked were very nervous, some even forgot the questions submitted. But So Ji Sub warmly comforted them, a humorous scene indeed.

So, what was your highlight from So Ji Sub’s “Hello” fan-meet in Hong Kong?

Words: Avier Tan / Seria Ho
Photos: Seria Ho

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