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So Ji Sub visits Taiwan to promote drama “My Secret Terrius”

TAIPEI – Veteran actor So Ji-sub recently came to Taipei for 2 days – yesterday and today, to promote his drama “My Secret Terrius《我身後的陶斯》in collaboration with KKTV.

My Secret Terrius is a MBC romantic-comedy and mystery drama starring main leads So Ji-sub, Jung In-sun, Son Ho-jun and Im Se-mi. It first aired on 27 September and ended on 15 November 2018.

However, KKTV is now bringing the drama from television screens to their online platform so you can enjoy the drama whenever and wherever comfortable! Although we don’t want to spoil the show too much for you, just note that your oppa stars as a black ops agent at the National Intelligence Service (NIS), so do look forward to that!

There are many action scenes in the drama, but So Ji-sub reaffirms his professionalism by doing all the action scenes himself, without any use of additional stuntmen.

Yesterday, So Ji-sub also came down for a media conference event for the drama “My Secret Terrius” to meet the media and shared with us some insights of the filming process.

He revealed that it was pretty challenging to maintain his physique was with the fact that there was not much time for exercise during the whole filming process, so when filming ended, he had to hastily revert back to his original routine.

The actor showed up at the press conference in a suave-looking suit, and it was as if we saw the real agent live in front of us in Taipei. He greeted the media with a sincere smile as well, and answered all questions that came along.

Additionally, fans started joining in the snaking queues early in the morning Songshan Cultural and Creative Park just to get a glimpse of the actor. Though the weather was not of aid, fans still waited till he appeared nevertheless.

If you want to catch more of him and the cast, be sure to catch “My Secret Terrius” on KKTV!

The “My Secret Terrius” (我身後的陶斯) promotional activity was made possible by KKTV, huge shoutout to them!

Words: Avier Tan / Chuang Wei Lun
Photos: Chuang Wei Lun / KKTV

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