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South Korean Vocalist Blue.D Makes Debut With “Nobody”, Featuring Mino

She dropped the music video for “Nobody” yesterday.

Remember Mino’s song, “Um…” (2018) featuring female vocalist named Blue.D?

Yes, Blue.D, short for Blue Dream, is YGX’s (sub-label of YG Entertainment) latest female soloist. 

She was set to make her debut on 2 December 2019. 

With a growing fanbase that emerged from the time she was a cover artist, to her numerous features on various artists tracks, it’s finally Blue.D’s official debut.

The 19-year-old singer debuts with “Nobody” (2019) featuring WINNER’s rapper, Mino, whose real name is Song Min-ho.

The song is about falling in love with a person and the thoughts going through one’s mind when pinning for someone. 

Lyrics such as ‘Nobody nobody nobody nobody I only have eyes for you’ and ‘Nobody nobody nobody nobody my head is full of thoughts about you’ are heard throughout the song.

Along with her adorable blue bob and unique singing voice, it’s no wonder that viewers will definitely get hooked to the song. We’re definitely adding Blue.D to our list of amazing solo artists.

Watch the music video for “Nobody” below:

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