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Stand-up comedy, hyped sets and casual chit-chats all in one place at The Great Seungri Show in Singapore

SINGAPORE – Seungri never fails to show us more of what he is capable of doing, from being a DJ at Zouk, being the ambassador for brands, taking up the role of a Creative Director of a VR (virtual reality) company to opening his own F&B chain, Aori Ramen.

He returns back to what he started out as in the beginning, a singer. The youngest member of K-pop powerhouse Big Bang, Seungri, staged his solo tour, “The Great Seungri Show” at The Star Performing Arts Centre yesterday.

The approximately 100-minute show featured stand-up comedy, hyped sets and just some casual conversations. Here’s what went down:

Starting of his show with a literal “bang”, he gave a solo slant to Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang, on behalf of his fellow bandmates who are still in the midst of serving the mandatory military service in Korea, followed by his solo track Let’s Talk About Love.

He then spoke to fans, as though they were family members who have not seen one another for quite a while, flaunting his exemplary Singlish linguistic abilities. “No other Korean artists can do this”, the 28 year-old asserted in confidence.

Seungri served up a live rendition of Jay Chou’s emotional hit, The Longest Movie in flawless Mandarin, and revealed that one of his hopes for the future is for everyone to be able to speak a multitude of languages. He used himself as an example, a multilingual artiste, being able to speak Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Chinese as well as English.

The party panda did not hesitate to radiate his booming stage presence a single moment as he moved on with one of his recent solo releases Where Are U From, before injecting laughter into fans by mischievously placing unflattering images of his bandmates in comparison with things like a Tamagoyaki sushi and Gimbap (the Korean version of sushi). There was uncanny resemblance, though.

Fans were put through a time machine to the good old days as Seungri brought tracks like We Like 2 Party, Heaven, Hands Up and even Flower Road, a song which held great meaning and significance as it was the last released before members of Big Bang went into the army.

Seungri serenaded the crowd with In My World, but burst into laughter and requested for a second attempt at the intimate ballad. He once again showed his overflowing love for Singapore by holding our national flag on stage, and “I will come back soon”, was the final word of promise Seungri left his fans with before he ended his definitely more-than-great show.

The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Singapore, The Great Seungri Show was made possible by YG Entertainment, organized by Chenmei Culture and supported by CK Star Entertainment

LIVE Cover: Amira Syaheera / Avier Tan
Words: Avier Tan
Photos: YG Entertainment / CK Star Entertainment

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