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Super Junior wins big at 14th KKBOX Music Awards in Taipei

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Super Junior was part of the impressive line-up for the 14th KKBOX Music Awards held in Taipei held on 26 January at Taipei Arena, alongside other artistes like Mandopop singers Bii and Jolin Tsai, together with world-renowned DJ Alan Walker.


Super Junior is also the first non-Chinese artiste to be awarded with the prestigious “Artist of the Year” award.

Their album “Replay” was on the charts on first place for 64 weeks.

The gave fans a performance of an array of some of their classic tracks like “Sorry Sorry”, “Bonamana” and to the recent “Black Suit”.


Member Donghae addressed Taiwan ELFs as “wifeys” affectionately, bringing the atmosphere of the show to a peak. He later expressed sincere gratitude to fans who prepared a lot of food support backstage for the members to get the maximum energy they could before their performance.


It was also revealed that in the later part of 2019, Super Junior will be holding their show again in Taipei and wait for Kyuhyun’s discharge from the military in May.

Leeteuk also reiterated that he is grateful for fans, to be able to receive this prestigious acknowledgement of their musical endeavours.

Leader Lee Teuk pictured with their award for “Artist of the Year”. PHOTO: Chuang Wei Lun

The 14th KKBOX Music Awards is brought to you by KKBOX.

Words: Chuang Wei Lun
Photos: Chuang Wei Lun

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