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SuperM Boasts Playful And Affectionate Side Besides Usual Charisma In Chicago Show

You should know SuperM for their charisma. But they’re showing us their warmer and playful side too.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Seven lads took the stage and greeted a sold-out crowd at the United Center. An approximate of 20,000 fans were in attendance.

As they ascended from the back of the main stage, the crowd was deafening. An array of lights and smoke flooded our senses. It was complete sensory overload in the best way possible.

They opened with I Can’t Stand the Rain (2019), which can be found on their debut mini album. SuperM danced their hearts out, as they felt and saw the energy from the crowd. 

The light sticks. The stage lights. The bass. Mixing all together presented a work of art. 

Taemin was the first to perform his solo set. He gave us not one but two songs, one of which was a remix we didn’t know we needed. Taeyong did one track which started with him in a Tiki-type mask. Cue the bass drop. He removed the mask and revealed the rap-god that he is. 

Fan favorite Super Car (2019) was next followed by their a short speech where Mark gave a shout-out to fellow member, Johnny, whose hometown is Chicago. 

Lucas wowed the crowd with his playful song that was entirely in English.

A new song was then revealed called Dangerous Woman. Ten and Taeyong then took center stage for Baby Don’t Stop (2019). Their playfulness and synchronicity made it one of the highlights of the night.

SuperM revealed another new song, this one titled With You. It’s a very energetic and playful song before they said their concluding remarks. It warmed our hearts. Literally.

Mark told fans to stay warm and not catch a cold because of the chilly weather outside. Leader Baekhyun is also one who commanded respect. He quieted the audience to a near silence before he sang I Love You 3000.

“It is my first time ever in Chicago and this is going to be his most precious memory from now on,” says Ten.

They saved the best for last, Jopping (2019). Fans were super charged before the first beat dropped, but once it did, the building erupted in screams and fan chants. Describing the performance as truly electrifying is an understatement.

Photos courtesy of United Center / Live Nation Chicago.

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